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Back Pain

After many years of suffering back pain and being ‘treated’ by traditional methods, painkillers, physiotherapy, and back surgery called Dynesis (lumbar 4 and 5 stitched together), I came across The Bowen Technique by word of mouth.  Since Bowen I very rarely use pain killers, have avoided another imminent operation (8 months off work), and after the first three sessions,  I find only need a Bowen treatment once or twice a year and never require sick time off work. I don’t recommend anything lightly, but The Bowen Technique is absolutely first class.

Mr.P H, Gloucester


Back Injury

Working in the Fire Service in 1993 I seriously damaged a disc in my lower back. In 2000 I injured this disc again, in fact it burst. I sought pain relief for nearly 15 years from many people, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc, when I was recommended to try Bowen Technique. I visited Jen Walker and after a few treatments the condition of my lower back greatly improved. I wish I had seen Jen after my accident in 1993.

Mr.S S, Gloucester



I initially saw Jen when my doctor said I had IBS and it couldn't be treated. After 3 sessions I had no symptoms and IBS has never returned. That was 11 years ago and I visit Jen whenever I have a condition that needs treating.  

MrsV G, Gloucestershire



My 2nd baby was due 2 days before I saw Jen and I was determined that I was not going to be induced with chemicals this time. Jen's treatment (Acupressure and Moxibustion) helped me to give birth naturally which meant I was more relaxed in labour.

MrsV G, Gloucestershire


Menstrual Problems

My heavy periods meant I was iron deficient and consequently suffering with dizzy spells.  With Jen's treatment my periods went back to normal along with my iron levels and I haven't suffered since the treatment.

MrsV G, Gloucestershire


Aches and Pains /Post op recovery

I am 70 years of age and have been receiving Bowen treatment at The Home Clinic for a number of years. I have found it very beneficial for age related aches and pains, especially to discomfort in the lower back and shoulder regions.

Also three years ago I had a major heart bypass and have found Bowen treatment very helpful to my recovery.

Mr.B B Gloucestershire


Knee Pain /&/ Veruca

My right knee caused me problems for many years, especially when weather turned damp. I took painkillers until someone suggested Bowen treatment at The Home Clinic. I thought I’d try it as nothing else seemed to ease the pain; I had two treatments and have not suffered with any pain since. It also appears to have got rid of my veruca on the same side foot which I had tried treating with all sort of medical creams etc, to no avail. For years now neither the knee pain nor veruca has come back. It has made such a difference to ever day life. I would recommend trying this treatment for I was so impressed with the outcome.

Mrs.W P, Gloucester


Fatigue and Headaches

I have benefited three times from Bowen Technique over the past five years. My first visit to Jen walker was for tiredness and fatigue, after just three visits I felt vitalised and back to my normal self. A couple of years later I had a painful shoulder and recently extreme discomfort in my neck which resulted in headaches. These both took two visits. No recurrence of any of these problems and all without drugs. Perfect!

Mrs.S F, Gloucestershire


Earache and Sore Throat

Having suffered with ear ache in both ears and a sore throat for about 6 weeks I contacted Jen as other treatments were not working. After my first appointment (Bowen and Acupressure)

I felt the pain easing and after the second the pain had virtually gone. Since then I have continued to improve.

Mrs. A T, Gloucester



I am an asthmatic, with drug control manageable. However with treatment at The Home Clinic my lungs seem to have taken on a new lease of life, seemingly stronger, more capacity and stamina, golf course inclines are now enjoyable to walk. I don’t ask questions, just trust. It works, just wonderful.

Mr.K F, Gloucestershire


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety have affected me for many years and I had reached the point where I was taking strong anti-depressant medication which had many side effects including chronic fatigue and even greater anxiety. As a result this prevented me from working.  

With my Healing, Shiatsu and Acupressure treatment I was able to stop taking medication and return to work. After every session I experienced a dramatic shift in my emotions, moving from feeling tearful, sad and anxious to a sense of calm, steadiness and resilience to whatever events I might encounter which would usually trigger an emotional upset. My treatment has changed my life and I would highly recommend treatment at The Home Clinic to anyone suffering with depression or anxiety.

Ms.D P, Gloucester


Pre and Post operative Care

I underwent a serious operation to my neck which involved removing two discs and replacing them with bone grafts. I have absolutely no doubt that the Bowen treatment I received both in preparation and immediately following the operation restored me to normal functioning much more quickly than I or the surgeon expected. I was discharged from hospital some days earlier than was normally allowed. My recovery progressed at a rate that the surgeon remarked was most unusually fast. I had very much less pain than was normal with this operation.

Mr. S D, Herefordshire


Ankle Injury

I broke my ankle and again opted for Bowen treatment with Jen walker. The pain reduction and the rapid restoration of full movement once more exceeded my expectations. I can run again!

Mr. S D, Herefordshire


Frozen Shoulders

I was recommended Bowen Treatment by a friend for my second frozen shoulder. My first I had been told by the hospital would not recover. The results of Bowen treatment became apparent after my third session; I no longer needed pain killers. After further treatments I regained use of my shoulder and arm, and the use of my first frozen shoulder that my physiotherapist and consultant said were beyond repair. After the prolonged pain and suffering of frozen shoulder I declare my Bowen Therapy nothing less than miraculous!

Ms. C L, Gloucester


Neck and Shoulders

I have neck and shoulder problems and general muscle aches. I find the Bowen Therapy to be very gentle and beneficial. This works for me as other therapies do not suit me.

Mrs. J B, Gloucestershire


Neck Injury

When I was 7 years old I landed badly on my neck. It had never been the same afterwards– always stiff and slightly painful. I was recommended to go and get treatment and went to see Jen walker 3 years ago (50 years after the injury). After 2 or 3 treatments my neck was 100% and since then Jen has treated several sports injuries received from playing hockey, and running. I still go and see Jen every 3 months just for an overhaul of my body.

Mr. D W, Gloucester


Neck, Shoulder pain and Dizziness

Having experienced a spell of dizziness, headache, neck and shoulder pain a friend of mine advised me to visit Jen for a course of Bowen treatment. After three visits the stiffness and pain on my shoulders and neck were much improved. I now sleep through the night with no headaches or dizziness in the day.

Mrs. C E, Gloucester


Back and Shoulder Pain

I have back ache, shoulder and neck pain nearly every day, so bad sometimes that I cannot move, and so I go and see Jen. She has helped me get better (with Shiatsu and Acupressure treatment) so I can go to work. She has very good skill, very healing hands. After Jen’s treatment I feel happy and move easily, the pain relieved.

Mrs.V P, Gloucester


Post Operative Support

Also when I had breast cancer I went to Jen for support with recovery after my operation. She used Shiatsu and Bowen both to treat me. After a few treatments my hand and arm feeling came back easier, now I can hold a cup of tea to drink.

Mrs.V P, Gloucester


Facial Pain

I had a chronic facial pain every day for 9 months, with dentists and consultants unable to help. Then I went to Jen for Bowen Therapy. After just a few treatments the pain had gone and I no longer needed to take pain killers, which I had been taking every day for 9 months. It was an incredible relief and it felt like I had my life back. Every so often my facial nerves cause me some pain, especially after dental work, so I book in for one or two treatments with Jen to keep things under control. Using a mix of Bowen, Acupressure, Moxibustion, and Reiki Healing she always manages to provide effective long-lasting pain relief.

Ms. A F, Gloucester


Knee Pain

I have suffered with back pain and an arthritic left knee for probably 10 years and have found Bowen Therapy with Jen extremely helpful. I have been able to avoid surgery on my knee because of regular Bowen treatment. From my own experience I highly recommend it.

Mrs. S N, Gloucester

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