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Pain, Injuries & Conditions


2 Treatments are recommended at first usually 4 to 7 days apart depending on the severity of pain and urgency of the condition. This allows the practitioner to treat you, assess your response to treatment, and observe your bodys capacity to improve between treatments.


By the end of second treatment, if you have not already achieved your health goal, your practitioner will be able to give you a good indication about how many more treatments you made need and how regular these would have to be to achieve your desired outcome.


Generally 3 to 8 treatments at 7 to 14 day intervals have proven sufficient for most people to reach their desired health goal.


'Treatment Menu' page has further details on prices and times.


Stress Management / Relaxation


3 treatments at weekly intervals are highly recommended to provide a good level of improvement to your health.


Then further sessions can be attended at intervals to suits your needs,eg.weekly. monthly or quarterley.


Many people benefit from regular treatments. Why not join them and enjoy improved  health and well being year on year.



Treatments, How Many? How Often?


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