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Jen Walker has been working with animals since 1999. She spent the first ten years treating animals of friends, neighbours, and clients, and the last four years developing treatments for working, performance and sporting animals.


Jen has applied her vast experience of working with people very successfully to the animal frame, and to further support this work she has studied with the School of Canine Bowen Therapy, qualifying with a distinction in 2016.


Treatments can be used to help resolve existing pain and injuries, and provide injury prevention and structural balancing in preparation for sporting events.


All ages of animal can be safely treated, from day old pups for colic to elderly and infirm animals.


Jen does not pretend to be an expert in all things animal, but prizes her work on the physical comfort, structure, and dynamic fitness of the animals to great effect.


It is the law to aquire permission from your animals vet before treatment can be given. The Home Clinic provides a 'Permission to Treat' form that can be emailed out to yourself or directly to your veterinary surgeon. Please enquire.

Treating Animals


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Jen will be happy to supply any further information you may require, contacts above.