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(Female Client, 45 - 5 treatments)

FC had 3 young children, the eldest 5, and was supporting an elderly parent 24 / 7 for the last 2 years. After feeling tearful for months FC felt empty, numb, and unable to cope. FC presented with vacuous energy, reflective of someone who gave a lot and forgot to look after themselves.

The first Shiatsu treatment aimed to start rebuilding FC's core strength. 2 further treatments helped balance FC's regathered core and FC could smile again, coping was easier and felt she could start to get back on top of things again.

5 further treatment were given 2 weeks apart to support FC until she had managed to make time for herself, and gain more of a balanced lifestyle to maintain her own emotional health. Now FC comes for a Shiatsu treatment now and again simply because it makes her feel so good.


(Female Client, aged 34 - 3 treatments)

FC had been struggling with a dynamic job for some time. She felt 'got at' for her inability to pull her weight. Sleep was rare and exhaustion impeded her ability to cope. FC broke down in tears often, and resignation seemed the only way out. After one treatment FC felt more composed and had managed to get some decent sleep. After 3 treatments FC could not believe the change in herself, resignation was far off the agenda and work was actually a joy again.



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