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Sports Injuries - case histories

(Male client, aged 23 - 4 treatments)

As a cricketer and rugby player, MC's left leg was in a brace following cartilage removal and damage to the AC ligament. His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee due to further ligament problems and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets. Some pain followed the first Bowen treatment and the left knee became temporarily more swollen. However, after four treatments the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that a further anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.


(Female Client, aged 42 - 3 treatments)

FC ran regular half marathons, this year she had increased her training to complete her first marathon. At the peak of her training her TFL ceased up and created intense pain in the knee. The doctor advised 6 -8 weeks of rest, but with 2 Bowen treatments the ligament had relaxed back to normal. With one further treatment, and a new steadier approach to training, FC was back on the road after three weeks. The knee strong and pain free.


(Female Client, aged 47 - 7 treatments)

FC fell while skiing, twisting and injuring her left arm on impact. FC had debilitating pain through her elbow joint and could not extend or flex the elbow further than 10 degrees. Bowen treatment revealed that her shoulder and wrist joints were not in line, with tissue swelling seizing the elbow joint. After the first treatment FC's elbow pain was reduced to a dull ache and movement improved by 15 %. It took 3 more treatments for the joints to be fully aligned and stable with full movement, and 3 more treatments over an extended period of time to help strengthen and protect the elbow from further injury.



To reach the peak of sporting activity requires the body to funtion at its optimum level. The greater the postural balance and integrity of the body the better the body will perform.


Treatments help to fine tune the body and allow you to achieve and maintain your optimum performance level. Reducing over-effort, strain and fatigue that can lead to tissue damage and injury which carries the risk of ruining your training.


Bowen treatment was a technique developed on the side of sport pitches to mend injuries and counter fatigue, and is very supportive when used regularly to promote peak athletic performance.


Whether involved in extreme leisure sports, county competitions, club leagues, or just in it for your own enjoyment, regular treatments can play a vital part in you achieving, and maintaining, your optimum fitness and performance levels.






 Sports Injuries & Performance


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