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Shiatsu Massage


© 2011 Jen Walker

Deep and longlasting relaxation and well being.  


More than just massage, Shiatsu offers the joy and relaxation of a massage with all the health benefits that arise from harmonising our body’s essential energy, Qi.


The Shiatsu practitioner uses highly trained healing touch, massage, movement, and assisted stretches to support the Qi of the body back into a tranquil homeostatic state. Bringing deep calm, good posture, emotional stability, vitality and an undeniable sense of well being.


The quality, movement, and nature of Qi in different meridians is observed. These  pathways of Qi flow through the body, functioning and supporting the tissues and organs. By harmonising the quality and movement of this Qi in an appropriate way the body can be balanced in its’ entirety.


Shiatsu Massage can promote postural alignment, flexibility, healthy organ function, regulate emotions, release stress, and address many health conditions.


Shiatsu Massage addresses imbalances at their most subtle level.


By balancing the Qi of the body Shiatsu can address imbalances before they become extreme enough to manifest as debilitating stress, injuries, pain, and sickness.  Making Shiatsu not only a delightful massage but a great preventative medicine.


Experience shows that regular Shiatsu treatment can promote a better level of health,  year on year.


Shiatsu is great for all, with depth and scope to cater for all massage needs;  from the most subtle and supportive to deep and dynamic.


When receiving Shiatsu Massage you remain clothed, so light flexible clothing is highly recommended, allowing for freedom of movement and comfort throughout treatment.