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The Home Clinic provides safe effective and relaxing treatments for all stages of pregnancy and the postnatal period. Support can be found for morning sickness, back pain, connecting with your baby, preparing for birth, pubic symphasis pain, pelvic balance, fatigue, and promoting deep relaxation.


Postnatal treatment can; help you to revitalise; gently balance and strengthen the belly and back; realign the pelvis; relieve tissue trauma; address damage from surgical intervention; improve vitality to relieve pain and support the back; and release neck, shoulder and upper back tension from breast feeding.


You don't have to feel unwell to receive the benefit from treatment - Regular treatments during pregnancy and the post natal period can support you to experience a vitalised, healthy and happy pregnancy and motherhood.


Breech, or back to back presentation

Acupressure with Moxibustion techniques are used to safely and naturally turn the baby in the womb. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises that when certain energetics do not come into play strongly enough in the third trimester the dynamics within the mother are not strong enough to naturally rotate the baby to the inverted position best suited for birth. There are time constrictions on when a baby can be turned from head up to head down. Treatment is best given at the first indication from your midwife that the baby has not yet turned. Short daily moxibustion treatments are given for up to 10 days. The baby will normally turn within that 10 day period. Your midwife will be able to confirm the orientation of the baby.


Back to back presentation (with head engaged) is approached in a similar way as breech presentation, is easier to achieve, and can be treated within a few weeks before labour.




 Pregnancy & Postnatal


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