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About Jen Walker


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I have always been fascinated by health. What makes us who we are, what we can achieve, and what we can do to become the best we can be.


In the late 80's I looked into working with the mind, then nutrition, but when I worked with my hands in 1993 I realised I had a natural ability to read the body through touch. This is where I have developed my work. Training widely and directly with many people at the top of their fields in the world of physical therapy.


I have played and trained in many sports over the years, from field and track athletics to racket sports, water sports to all types of trail, canicross and road running. I adore being physically able and love helping others achieve the same, whether that is maintaining optimum sporting ability, reaching new sporting heights, or simply retaining or regaining basic physical mobility and wellbeing.


Beyond professional training I have studied for over 27 years with world renowned Tibetan Lamas on understanding the complexities of our perceptions, the mind, and healing. All of which supports and has proven to play a valuable role in my professional practice.


Over the past 20 years I have developed treatments to work with animals to the same ends. Specialising in treating high performance sporting horses and dogs.

Alongside breeding and training my own lure coursing Whippets, I treat many national champions in the Whippet racing and lure coursing fields.


To bring the maximum benefit to my clients I support and actively engage in working with and along side sports trainers, complementary medicine practitioners, consultant surgeons, doctors, and veterinary surgeons.


Professional qualifications


1993-96 > Reiki Healing Masters / Teacher


1993-98 > Diploma in Shiatsu Massage,    Acupressure, Cupping and Moxibustion


1996 > Diploma in The Bowen Technique


2007 > Diploma in Neurostructural Integration Technique


2008-09 > Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Care > postgraduate year


2010-11 > Emmett Technique Practitioner


2014 > Sports First Aid and First Aid at    Work


2015-16 > Canine Bowen Technique 

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