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(Male Client, aged 51 - 3 treatments)

MC worked long shifts in a manual job.  MC's neck and shoulders had burnt with pain for years but now debilitating headaches started to come on at work almost every day. MC was getting so many headaches that it was preventing him from attending work. After 2 Bowen treatments MC was back at work every day, and after the third treatment he reported that not only had his headaches totally gone but his neck and shoulders were freer and more comfortable than they had been for years.



(Female Client, aged 34 - 6 treatments)

FC was a long term migraine sufferer. She had seen hospital consultants, dieticians, a chiropractor, and was on migraine medication. Nothing had worked.

Bowen treatment revealed trapped tissues at the top of the neck ,and limited rotation in the neck generally.  FC had also been experiencing pins and needles in her arms.

After 1 treatment FC could turn her head better, had no migraines, and her upper body felt better. After 3 treatments, still no migraines, though stress threatened headaches now and then. After 3 more treatments FC felt calmer and was coping better with situations, and had no headache symptoms at all.




Headache & Migraine


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