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Most patients with fibromyalgia are in there 40's and 50's, about 90% being women, and is a condition widely reported in the Western World.


People presenting with fibromyalgia in my experience always have a deep set fatigue in their muscles and connective tissues. Bowen works particulary effectively with fibromyalgia and being  gentle in application does not induce any additional pain. Due to the long term fatigue nature of the condition treatments are paced and can cover months rather than weeks. Often 4 to 8 Bowen treatments can bring about substantial long term relief from pain and constant fatigue, and with management of activity and further treatments, every two weeks or so, full recovery can be attained.



"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago and to say the pain was unbearable is an understatement. I decided to try Bowen treatment as all other medical treatment over the years, and many other treatments, were without success. My experience of Bowen so far is an ease in pain when walking, and vast improvement in neck, back, arms and leg pain. Bowen provides great pain relief, improved sleep, and my condition is now all round less debilitating. Add to this the fact that the treatment does not hurt to receive, is truely a miracle. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart to my wonderful therapist Jen."

Mrs P B, Gloucester



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