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Emmett Technique is a safe and simple muscle release therapy developed by Remedial Therapist Ross Emmett. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body posture and movement, and release stress and tension held within the body.


The application of very light finger pressure at specific points on the body are used to effect change to muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, or other connective tissue (fascia), as well as lymphatic vessels.


This approach enables a deep but gentle balancing and is found to be very effective for common problems which include poor balance, neck stiffness and pain, shoulder and back pain.


Emmett Technique can be used as an effective adjunct to enhance the treatment value of other physical therapies, or may be used as an effective therapy on its own.




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© 2011 Jen Walker


Emmett Technique


© 2011 Jen Walker