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(Female Client, aged 26 - 3 treatments)

FC is a very tall (6'2") nursery nurse who bends and crouches to work with tiny people and furniture all day long. Pain had been present for 2 - 3 years. MRI scans had not revealed any cause and physiotherapy had not improved the condition. After the first Bowen treatment 'FC' said "it is 99% better than it  was". After three treatments the pains had completely gone and the resolution holding.


(Female Client, aged 37 - 5 treatments)

'FC' had a long history of over work, stress and recurring back pain, and over the previous 8 years had taken long frustrating periods of time off work to recuperate. 'FC' had sought other treatments but the problem kept recurring. 'FC' presented one painful night with a slipped disc. 'FC' not wanting to go to hospital and was carried into the treatment room. 'FC' could not take any weight on her feet and was in agony. In the first treatment Shiatsu was used to stabilise 'FC's back and to calm her fear and panic. Two days later 'FC' walked (gingerley) in for her second appointment. We used Bowen on this and three further treatments to stabalise her back fully. The back condition did not recur. 'FC' now comes for treatment every few months simply because it makes her feel good.


(Male Client, aged 40 - 3 treatments)

MC was unable to put his weight on his right foot and was in severe pain from the buttock right down the leg. MC was extremely tense and tight, spending long hours for most days driving a car. After one treatment MC's body relaxed significantly. By the third treatment he was virtually pain free and was able to drive with little or no discomfort.

Back Pain


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