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Acupressure offers all the medical benefits of acupuncture and chinese medicine, but instead of the use of needles or herbs practitioners use their hands to apply skilled pressure and touch to activate the Acu points.


Acupressure treatment is deeply relaxing and a pleasure to receive.


Acupressure has been recognised as a therapy for thousands of years. Great knowledge has been accumulated about the specific use and effect of the Acu points affording us today a substantial and effective natural medical system.  


Acu points function to encourage specific balance and healing change.  Specific points are chosen from over 150 commonly known points to support the return to health of organs tissues and joints.


Acupressure addresses imbalances at their most subtle level. By balancing the Qi of the body Acupressure can address imbalances before they become extreme enough to manifest as pain, injuries, sickness and emotional stress.



Treatment to stimulate local circulation of Qi and blood in muscles and to 'draw out pathogens' in the case of common colds and flu.


A partial vacuum is created inside a glass or bamboo cup before being placed onto the body. The vacuum causes the cup to stick to the body and provide a gentle suction.


Cups are placed over Acu points and left in place for a while to promote strong stimulation. Or they are moved over the muscles to effect larger areas. Finally, flash cupping is where the cups are placed on the body and then quickly removed, in order to provide a milder stimulation.



Moxibustion is often incorporated into treatment sessions where cold has penetrated deeply into muscles and joints. This cold obstructs the flow of Qi and causes pain that is otherwise difficult to shift. Cold creates vulnerability to injury, and causes fatigue, and debilitation in movement.  The heat from the Moxa penetrates deep into the body through the Acu points to relieve pain, strengthen muscles and ease joints.


In pregnancy Moxibustion can be used at or near term to safely and naturally promote labour and to support the turning of babies in the womb.  


Moxibustion at The Home Clinic refers to the burning of Moxa in its most common form, the Moxa stick.  This is a tube of densely packed Chinese herbs which is lit at one end and then held above Acu points in order to provide a relaxing and therapeutic source of heat.


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