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Road traffic accidents, falls, and extreme sports are a few of the most common causes of high impact injuries, which in some cases can be so overwhelming to the body as to leave it in shock. This has the effect of slowing down or even preventing the body mending.

Treatment can be very effective in gently releasing shock from the body, generally, and from local injury sites, to allow your inate natural healing to occur.



Fracture repair - case history


(Female Client, aged 7 - 5 treatments)

FC was knocked down by a car in the road, her leg had been totally broken and flesh torn. Weeks after extensive surgery to pin and 'frame support' the tibia and fibula FC was presenting extreme pain in the bones with little or no bone repair. Acupressure and Moxibustion was applied weekly over 6 weeks. FC had instant pain relief after the first treatment. The hospital reported a striking change in bone growth and healing after  2 treatments. A further 3 treatments were given to support complete healing.


Whiplash - case history

Accident, Trauma & Injury


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